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preschool kids teeth

What We Provide...

All kids are different and our team provides individualised specialist level care for all children from infancy to teenage years. Often we hear from parents how long they have had to wait for getting an appointment with other providers. We make it our priority to see children within a timely manner and often are able to arrange an initial consultation appointment in our main city rooms within a few days time and if hospital based procedure is required, this often can be arranged within a couple of weeks.


We provide an extensive rage of services including:

  • Managing Early Childhood Decay

  • Management of Dental Trauma

  • Treatment of Enamel Defects

  • Management of Oral Diseases & Gum Problems

  • Care for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Care for Children with Special Needs

  • Care for the Medically Compromised Children

  • Treatment under General Anaesthesia


Call us on (07) 3839 8000 to arrange an appointment.

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