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shool aged children detal treatment

Hospitals & Day Surgery

Many dental treatments are difficult for adults, let alone children, to tolerate. With age, tolerance increases. However, many adult patients vividly recall treatment experiences from their own childhood.

Day Surgeries & Hospitals provide a safe environment for the highest standard of care to be provided. Particularly in young children, those who are very anxious and apprehensive as well as those with complex treatment needs or medical histories, treatment is often best provided in such surroundings.

Our team has affiliations with the following hospitals & day surgery clinics:

  • Wesley Hospital

  • St Andrews War Memorial Hospital

  • Montserrat Day Surgeries

  • North West Hospital


If at an assessment or consultation appointment it is decided that the best option for management of your child is at a day surgery centre or hospital, we will provide you with relevant information about the admission to the hospital. We work closely with a number of experienced specialist paediatric anaesthetists. Our patient co-ordinators will advise which forms need to be returned in advance of the planned treatment and which to bring with you on the day.

During treatment in such facilities, six or so health professionals are caring for your child. These include the paedodontist and dental assisting staff, the anaesthetist, anaesthetic nurse and operating theatre nurse.

Wherever possible, it is aimed to complete all treatment in the one session and most children are fine to return home a few hours later. Rarely will a child stay the night in hospital subsequent to such treatment, unless perhaps they have a pre-existing medical history or a medical complication.

We will write to your child's general practitioner, specialist or referring dental practitioner the outcomes of assessment and treatment appointments to keep them up-to-date.

Call us on (07) 3839 8000 to arrange an appointment.

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